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Digital Media Innovation through Design Sprint

To survive and thrive in the emerging Digital Media World, businesses must adapt and evolve through continuous innovation. A proven innovation framework brings together the key elements that stimulate and exploit innate creativity. Once underway, the innovation process is like an unstoppable chain reaction. But first it must be initiated. This is the job of Design Sprint.

Created by Google, Design Sprint has been applied and adopted by Slack, Uber, Airbnb, Facebook, New York Times, LEGO, Lufthansa and many start-ups.

Solving big challenges, this 4-day process rapidly creates new products and improves existing ones. Months of work are compressed into a few days.

Design Sprint focuses on a Prototype rather than building and launching a Minimal Viable Product. By skipping these costly steps, you learn before you ship. Once the concept is proven, the full cycle can begin with increased confidence and commitment.

This clearly defined and fully facilitated process comprises 5 steps over 4 days:

It provides the key elements for accelerated innovation:

1. Momentum and Increased confidence

By avoiding over-thinking and ‘analysis paralysis’, it provides just enough time for problem definition, individual analysis and ideation followed by unbiased team solution building and testing. The momentum and progress builds confidence across the team.

2. Co-creation of concept and alignment across cross disciplinary teams

Design Sprint brings together Product, Design and Engineering into a focused, structured and collaborative proof of concept.

3. Yes/no answers on a number of assumptions

All key assumptions identified in the problem map are tested with real customers.

4. Evaluation and user feedback on many potential solutions

Individual ideation and sketching ensures that everyone contributes: extroverts, great communicators, senior people AND introverted geniuses.

5. Commitment

Building in approval from senior stakeholders ensures business commitment to the results.

With skilled facilitation, your team can unleash its creativity with transformative results.

As a graduate of the Design Sprint Masterclass, certified by its creator, Jake Knapp, I lead teams to create and test new product concepts in only 4 days.


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