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Delivering is the easy part, right?

Imagine a world where Amazon Prime took weeks to deliver, where the Premier League produced only a handful of goals each weekend. Worst still, Glastonbury didn’t sign big bands or artists any more.

Now – that would be depressing.

Many VCs and sales gurus will tell you till they’re blue in the face that all that matters is fantastic marketing and sales. But are they right?

Well … almost.

If you generate huge interest and demand but don’t deliver – it’s game over!

Many mentors and advisers say that’s the easy part. Just hire good people to take care of things.

Sounds simple enough but is it that easy?

Some of the most successful tech start-ups and scaleups will tell you “No – it isn’t”.

From the outside, we continually witness a torrent of celebratory press releases, $10M Series A funding, 1 millionth customer, industry awards aplenty, plans for global domination etc. etc.

But, on the inside, life is much more ‘interesting’. In most cases, it’s all hands on deck with leaders barely having a moment to think about how to steer.

If it were all so simple, Amazon would have numerous competitors who also shipped only minutes after you hit the ‘Buy Now’ button. Numerous football leagues would command multi-billion pound TV deals. Any music festival would sell out before they announced their acts.

Delivery is hard, VERY hard…

In your business, you may already see the warning signs; an engineering team that is taking on too much, slowing deliveries, requests that disappear into a black hole and increasingly dissatisfied customers.

This is the very time to act.

It’s not easy, but it’s also not a hopeless situation either. Every business is unique and requires its own solutions. However, experience, knowledge and a proven methodology can be applied to ensure you always deliver.

Not sure about the best way forward? Contact me to discuss.


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