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Do you sometimes dream you could drive like Lewis Hamilton?

Do you sometimes dream you could drive like Lewis Hamilton? Gas pedal to the floor, breaking late to overtake, hitting the apex, then finding the point of maximum grip to charge down the next straight.

Maybe you would like to do the same for your business.

Too often, this dream takes a different turn. We smell something burning and feel the heat at our backs as we search frantically for the fire extinguisher. At best, we slow down allowing a parade of rivals past us. At worst, we end up in the barrier, front end obliterated, fire marshals rushing to the scene.

Winning isn’t just about being the best driver of course. It’s about having the best team, car and strategy behind you. It’s about having top performance AND reliability. Just ask Ferrari and the unfortunate Charles Leclerc about the Bahrain Grand Prix.

The winning combination is not easy to build and sustain, especially in a changing environment. The dominance of F1 teams comes and goes with ever-shifting regulations, designed to keep things interesting.

In today’s Digital world, change is the only constant. Opportunities come and go rapidly.

However, with the right approach to your tech business, it is possible to build a world class team and product range, achieving total market dominance.

You may have already done this. Congratulations! That’s a fantastic achievement.

However, many who have this potential, still haven’t fulfilled it. Sadly, some may never do so.

The good news is that with a proven methodology, guided by experience, you too can build your winning combination.

To discuss how you can be the first to the chequered flag, contact me.


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