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Is a black hole growing in your business?

The tech company you founded has achieved the start-up dream. It’s created a highly innovative solution attracting a stampede of customers.

Life is good. No … life is fantastic!

An endless torrent of new exciting ideas cascade through the business. No-one can catch you now…

Except, everything seems to be going into slow motion. Product releases are taking longer than before. Some customer requests are disappearing altogether and hard-won trust is eroding. Sales are complaining they can’t hit targets. A black hole is pulling everyone in, including you.

Many actions intended to fix this simply don’t work:

  • Inspiring engineering to go the extra mile.

  • Accelerating recruitment.

  • Consolidating work to reduce overheads.

Sadly, too many businesses believe that slowing down as you grow is just a fact of life.

No. It isn’t. Businesses settle for mediocre rather than outstanding performance. They shouldn’t.

With the right approach, it’s entirely possible to grow rapidly and accelerate output. My own experience in 3 very different highly successful tech companies, has taught me this.

In following posts, I will describe how to escape this black hole for good.


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