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Slow is Smooth … Smooth is Fast

Seals understand that, in the heat of battle, speed is of the essence. They also know that this doesn’t come from a focus on speed but on smooth delivery.

Rapid growth happens when successful tech businesses achieve smooth predictable delivery flow.

Having created demand for their high value products, they then deliver, consistently.

This all sounds obvious. So why do so many businesses lose sight of it?

Two reasons stand out.

Smooth flow is much easier when you deliver incrementally – little and often. But many product and engineering teams really struggle with the idea of releasing ‘incomplete’ solutions.

Smooth flow is also far more likely when you restrict what you’re working on and focus on finishing it. Highly successful, creative companies generate many ideas and pursue them quickly, intending to dominate the market.

Learning to say ‘No’ to all but the most promising ideas is very hard.

Focus on these disciplines and you can achieve reliable delivery.

Only then can you increase speed and performance … smoothly!

You might be wondering what the rest of the business does whilst Engineering ‘sorts itself out’. We’ll look at this next time.


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