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The solution is in everyone’s hands.

In a growing software business that is struggling to deliver, engineering must take corrective action. But what does the rest of the business do?

Do they stand over the engineers until they ship?

Should they create diversions for expectant customers, selling future visions with smoke and mirrors?

Maybe it’s time for a long holiday on the beach.

The answer is ‘None of the above’.

Truly great companies understand that everyone plays a part to get things back on track.

Strong cultures instinctively unify around their leaders’ clear vision and recovery plan.

The business must determine its real priorities. Which initiatives are mission critical? All else must be put aside.

CEO and Marketing reset customer expectations. Easier said than done, this is essential for long term success.

Sales sell only what is ready, not what is still to be developed. Creative packaging and pricing help here.

Leadership removes all impediments to engineering and clears their forward path. Ruthlessly hunting down and resolving bottlenecks, they ensure engineers only work on tasks that require their expertise.

It isn’t easy, but it does work.


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